Cape Coral Wood Fence

Wooden Fences

A Cape Coral wood fence from Eagle Fence Corp is made to fit your house. Your fence will not be made with panels or pre-made forms. Our highly qualified carpenters will build your fence on-site piece by piece, picket by picket ensuring the highest quality workmanship available.

Your fence will have 2×4 cross members (not the 2×3 cross members) with 5/8″x6″pickets (the largest thickest pickets available).  This means your fence will be as strong as it can possibly be.

We use the highest quality pressure treated lumber available to ensure your wood fence looks great.  Each piece of wood is hand picked and delivered to your home for installation.

All 4×4 post are set at 8′ apart on center (we also offer installations of post at 6′ apart on center) set 24″ inches into the ground and filled with concrete.  We also use 4×6 post to hang the gates on so they won’t sag.  Then the 2×4 cross members go up followed by the pickets.

Do you know why wood fences always have problems with their gates?

Have you ever noticed every wood fence has gates that don’t latch, drag on the floor or are just impossible to open?

We have the solution! A one of a kind custom welded heavy duty aluminum frame made out of 2”x2” square aluminum pipe guaranteeing your gates will NEVER stop latching and will never drag on the floor again!  We are the only fence contractor in all of Southwest Florida offering this type of customization for all of our wood fences.

So before you decide on who to go with give us a call or leave us a comment below. When it comes to wood fences we make sure your getting a fence that will exceed your expectations and be within your budget.

No one does a fence like Eagle Fence!

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