Cape Coral Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fences, also known by some as cyclone fences, are one of the most popular choices of fence for both light residential to heavy commercial applications. Chain link fences are one of the most practical styles of fencing, relatively easy to install, and very cost effective.

Chain link fences offer little privacy (although we do offer different types of decorative polyethylene and aluminum slats, available in a variety of colors which can be added to create an attractive screen), it does provide a barrier to keep kids & animals in as well as keeping unwanted guests out.

Chain Link Fences – Pros & Cons

Known for its strength and durability, chain-link is perhaps the most economical type of fencing available and can withstand anything you throw at it.  It offers no privacy at all.  When your shopping for a chain link fence there are a lot of factors to take into consideration.

What is the purpose for the fence?  Is it to hold in pets or just to keep the kids out of danger while they play in the yard?  If its meant to keep pets in then you could go with the more economical galvanized finish.  This finish is also used to secure boats or other personal property.

Chain Link Fences – Vinyl Coated

If the purpose is to keep kids safe then you might want to consider going with a vinyl coated chain link fence.  Reason being, these fences have a smooth finish which is safe for kids and will avoid injury.

These vinyl coated fences are also good if your trying to match a specific decor or just to make your property a bit more appealing.

So before you decide which cape coral chain link fence company is best for you call Eagle Fence at (239) 878-2579 for a free estimate.  Our chain link fences offer beauty and function for any application.

With multiple finishes, designs and heights to choose from we’re sure you will find the right combination to match any decor.

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